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PSP SMS v1.2 Sega Master System / Game Gear Emulator

Größe: 486 Kb
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Upload Datum: 31.12.2005 - 12:47
Bewertung: Note 10 bei 135 Bewertungen

Uploader: CDG
Downloads gesamt: 8495
Letzter Download: 20.05.2015 - 2:41
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PSP SMS v1.2 Sega Master System / Game Gear Emulator

Chris Swindle has just updated his port of SMSPlus v1.2, a SMS / Game Gear emulator. This time, he has implemented WiFi AdHoc function for multiplayer!! Here is what he had to say:

You can now play multiplayer games using the wifi adhoc option, here are the details of the steps that you need to take to play:

1 - Load up an SMS ROM on both PSP's
2 - Press select to go to the menu
3 - Enable Adhoc on both PSP's
4 - A screen will come up with the machines available
5 - Select a game to play from one of the PSP's (this will be the client)
6 - On the server agree to accept the connection from the client
7 - Wait for the rom to be sent to the client PSP (this should take a few seconds, occasionally it does not send it and you need to quit out of SMSPlus and start again)

Once this is done the PSP should send the ROM from the server to the client and then start sending the controls to each PSP, if you start a multiplayer game you should find that player 1 is controlled by the server and player 2 is controlled by the client.

If one user presses select during multiplayer, both users must press triangle to return to the game.

Thanks go to Mike for letting me borrow his PSP for the last couple of weeks to sort out adhoc support.

NOTE: Do not load another ROM without stopping wifi play, otherwise the machines will be out of sync
NOTE: All of the adhoc code was determined by patching Lumines to save to file all of the parameters and return codes.

You can get to the menu pressing select, here are the options available:

Load ROM - Load a new ROM cartridge (DO NOT USE THIS IN AN ADHOC GAME)
Load Game - Load a save game state
Save Game - Save a game state
Screen Mode - Press select to change between 4:3 ratio and fullscreen
Adhoc Wifi - Enables or disables wifi

In the menu you can quit back to the game using the triangle button, X is used to select an option, O is used to cancel (only really used in wifi).

Source Released
Included in the ZIP file are the source files for the PSP port of SMSPlus, the code specific to the port is all in the psp directory.

Chris Swindle

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